About Jim

Jim grew up in Riverdale and attended Weber County Schools graduating from Bonneville High School. In 1981 his musical talents earned him the privilege of serving the US military in Germany as an USO/DOD entertainer. He later served an LDS mission in Hawaii. In 1986, Jim graduated from Weber State University with a B.I.S. in Communication, Sociology, and Technical Sales.

Jim and Jane just celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary. They have five grown children and one grandchild. They are elated to admit that they are a close family and enjoy one another's company. After being a stay at home, Jane recently returned to Weber State and graduated with a bachelor's degree in health promotions.

For 10+ years, Jim managed the Ogden Morris Travel.  The agency started with a $0.85 million dollar budget, and he grew that to an 18 million dollar annual budget.  Because of this success, Jim was hired in 1994 by Weber County Commission to be the General Manager at the Golden Spike Event Center (GSEC). I've been there ever since and have worked under the direction of several past county commissioners. He and that team grew from the GSEC from100 events to 290+ events annually. The GSEC has enjoyed thousands of tourism successes that have poured hundreds of millions of out of state dollars into the local Weber County economy

As a Commissioner, Jim has actually eliminated his own retirement benefit.  He's lowered the commissioner salaries by $7,000 annually, he's lowered the Weber County property tax line item in each city within the County.  The bond's on the Conference Center and Weber Center are now paid off and "the relationship between Ogden City and Weber County has never been better," says Ogden Mayor Mike Caldwell.  Under Jim's leadership, Weber County now enjoys a regional economic development approach with Davis County, open audit results and unprecedented communication transparency (see #WinningInWeber).  Weber County's "Center of Excellence" is moving forward in partnership with Weber Human Services and the Weber/Morgan Health Department.

Jim has spent his career building relationships with people. He loves trusting them and learning about them. 

He's a GREAT "in-person" communicator and has successfully surrounded himself with terrific people. He can negotiate with others without offending them. He believes in Libraries, education and economic growth but also recognizes that healthy communication, respect, and trust is vital to both of those issues.

He's been registered as a Republican for over 26 years of which 16 years have been spent as a precinct chairperson. I believe our form of government is good and I'm interested in enhancing the leadership style.

I want to be re-elected as your County Commissioner because I LOVE where we live, where I grew up and where I hope to help make a place where my family will want to raise their children. To do this it has to have the opportunity, affordability a safe feeling, and a healthy place to grow.  (Jim Harvey)